How to Choose a Baby Car Seat

How to Choose a Baby Car Seat: Top 9 Buying Tips For All Parents

Choosing the right infant car seat for some people can be a lot of tall-order while it’s pretty quick and easy for some. In our own case, for example, it’s the latter because we know quite alright the steps involved and what quality features to watch out for. And, honestly, by the time we are done implementing all the steps and criteria we use in choosing our baby car seat we always end up buying a great seat. And, pretty simple enough, you too would be able to do just exactly the same if you follow our tips for choosing a convertible car seat.

May be I need to stress this a little bit further on how dramatic the whole process of picking your child’s convertible car seat can be if you know what pivotal factors and steps to take. As you must have been aware that there are a plethora of car seats out there with different brands, foam types, features, shapes, colors, and sizes, which makes knowing what to consider in making your pick a serious task. And, in fact, a lot of them can be converted to a booster but not really great most of the times as one would expect.


So, before we could come up with the criteria for choosing a baby car seat we are about to share with you here, we underwent up to serious 3 months of painstaking research traveling in the world of the convertible car seats. We once failed like you do now but later found the clue and ever since then, it has been a drama.

Therefore, the purpose of writing this article is not really to hold you by the hand and point to which infant car seat to pick but to give you convincing reasons to believe we are the right person to help you choose the best car seat for your babies. We hope this wouldn’t only save you the stress but also the precious time and the sanity that you’d have wasted on racking your brain as to which car seat is the best pick for your infants.

It doesn’t really matter what seat you eventually buy as they’re all going to be safety tested and would also be right there in the market for you to buy but I think you deserve to know why you made the choice to buy that particular one you ended up buying.

Below are the 9 previously guided tips we use all the time for buying a convertible car seat including why we chose those seats we chose.


The first thing you need to do when deciding on which car seats to buy is your budget. You need to set a budget and work towards achieving it because without that you wouldn’t only be ending up spending above your budget but you’d also be missing the entire buying process. One of the major benefits of setting a budget is to enable you to create a spending plan for your money. It also ensures you have enough money for the things that you need and are important to you. So, you need to set a budget before anything else as far as choosing a car seat is important.


Deciding on how long you will like your baby to rear face is more of a personal affair than general but you also we want to play safe here. So, I may not trespass much here as I wouldn’t want to be the one deciding on that for you. However, you should endeavor you carry out a painstaking research as to how beneficial it could be allowing your kid rear-facing for longer years particularly considering the large numbers of car seats out there allowing rear-facing for long years without compromising your child’s comfort and safety. That’s by the way. Going to the fundamental issue here, the first thing you need to decide here as earlier mentioned is your rear facing plan: is it for a long term or short term? This is important for you to know which brand of the car seat to go for because rear-facing capabilities vary with different car seats types or brands.


Once you know which term you plan to go for then you should be able to decide the next line of action. For example, for a short term rear-facer, a car seat with lower heights or weights plus costing little money will be the best, while for a long-term rear-facer, anything rearing to high weights but with heights limits would be most suitable considering the fact that there is higher tendency that many children will outgrow the height before the weight. This is very fundamental that you consider the height because a lot of seats failed the long term usage for many children due to their short shells. For people whose children are shorter they may not have any problem with this but all children can’t be the same in terms of height. So, plan well before buying your car seat.


Many people had rushed headlong to the market to buy their car seats but only to realize later that their cars don’t allow so many things to be used with them. So, don’t fall a victim of this, check your car specifications for things like seat bracing, latch and many more installation issues like that.  Many of my friends had issues with installations problem or another until I had to look at their cases and realized where they had gone wrong and quickly corrected them. Most of the time, some of the issues they had, for example, had been with the inability the side latch for the center seat and bracing the seat against front seats. If you’re using a smaller car you’ll most likely have this issue. However, having an issue with the latch system shouldn’t necessarily be a headache or priority since you are always left with other awesome installation options like using the seatbelts. But what you should rather give priority to (of course, which I do too) is to have a seat with awesome rear-facing lock offs.


Having set a budget, created a plan for rear-facing and known what your car allows in terms of installation, the next thing is to go online and search for info about the best car seat and what set them apart from the competition. There are several places online where you can get such information but my first choice and, of course, recommended site is With this site, you should be able to get as many lists of great car seats and reviews as possible which will go a long way to assisting you to know what car seats are being bought already by the people. A point of warning: I am recommending this site to you not because I have any affiliation whatsoever with them or I am standing any chance of being rewarded for doing that but because I use it myself and I found it a lot helpful to me and hope it would to you too.


So, you have searched for some seats online and now you need to decide where you should go ahead and buy one or not. No, don’t go yet! There are still more things to consider. You need to check the size of your chosen seat. What are the height and weight?


Is it averagely tall or so tall that it will obstruct you from viewing your back while driving? Or is the weight such that will be a serious task for you carrying it or that the other wouldn’t be able to carry comfortably alone without a hand? What about the width? Will there be enough space for fitting other passengers or car seats after installing it? All these questions deserve satisfactory answers before making the final pick. You can even go to the extent of measuring with your tape rule to determine these facts.


Maintaining your car seat is another factor you need to consider when choosing a baby car seat. You need to find out how cleanable it is. How do you clean it? Can it be machine-washed or does cleaning it requires extra care and effort? A lot of seats out there come with harness straps that can’t be removed or cleaned for safety reasons. So you need to find out all these information before buying a car seat. All these factors are what you should consider and are what we considered in coming up with our list of 5 Top Best Convertible Car Seats for the Year 2017. You can read the article here [please put the hyperlink here instead].


Don’t just rely on all the theoretical aspects of the process alone, go ahead and have the seat tested in your car to know how it fits in it. I think most baby stores should allow trying their seats before buying though not sure you can definitely go to Babies R Us for that. Doing this you would see for yourself quickly what seats will work fine in your car and what wouldn’t.


Online reviews are the best ways to finding the pros and cons of any product you want to buy to decide if it’s worth buying or not. Although there are several car seat blogs out there for you to know about different car seats I would recommend that as soon as you’re close to taking that buying decision the best place to go online for verified buyer’s reviews is At that place, you would have the options to see different types and brands of car seats and read what other buyers who had already bought and used the products are saying.


Every buyer like getting rebate or deals/coupons for what they’re buying and so you too shouldn’t forget to check if there are such things where you’re buying from. You may want to try buying from us and get the best prices available.

What Have You Got?

So you’re ready to use the criteria above for choosing your infant car seat, right?

Go ahead and do so but it might interest to tell you of our TOP 5 BEST CONVERTIBLE CAR SEATS. We had done the job for you and we are they all meet your taste and requirements. Go ahead and read our reviews on each of these recommended lists here now.