Cosco NEXT Convertible Car Seat Review

Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat Review

Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat Review: The Best Price You Can Get Anytime

A friend of mine was looking for a convertible car seat to buy for his little kid some few months, he discussed it with me and I had to help him in the search process for a cute,  compact and budget-friendly car seat because that was exactly his taste. In the course of my research for such a wonderful car seat that will meet his needs, I dug deep and found Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat, hence I think you might also want to see what my findings are.

Here is my Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car seat Review!!!

Why Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car seat?

I know right on your mind is the question what is to love about the Scenera NEXT?

Lightweight and Enough Covers

One boring problem you probably don’t want to have in your car seat is being too heavy for you or your wife to carry.  I personally had this messy experience with my previous car seats and I really hated it. It was always a serious and arduous task for me carrying the car seat but with Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat you have an entirely different case as the seat is relatively lighter, cute and has enough cover when compared than many rear-facing only infant seats.


You may really not understand how embarrassing it might want to get something of great value for your kids but hindered by insufficient budget. I once had a chat with a parent who was looking for a low-cost yet best car seat for her baby but really not sure of what seat to go for. I was lucky to have concluded my research on Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car seat so I quickly mention the name to her and as you would expect she was satisfied with what she got. Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat is today one of the most affordable car seat out there in the market that any parent can get regardless of budget. Check the price now on and you will be amazed at what you will see. No wonder it features in top 5 Best Convertible Car Seats for the year 2017. To read the review article on our various convertible car seats reviews click here now (put your hyperlink here instead).

Compulsory Age 2 Limit For Rear-Facing

If you’re the stubborn type of parent who hardly complies with rules and regulations you would definitely find Cosco Scenera NEXT convertible car seat your best pick to put yourself under a check as far the age limit for a rear-facing seat for a child. This aspect of the Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat isn’t only checkmating parents but also helping them save their children’s lives. Therefore, if you’re looking for a car seat that is manufactured in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ age limit recommendation for rear-facing, then Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat is your best pick.

Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Carseat Weight and Height Limits:

Rear-facing: This is suitable for a child weighing between 5-40 lbs. Also, top of the child’s head can be either below, or top of the seat shell.

Forward-facing: For a child whose weight reaches between 22-40 lbs. AND the child must be at least 2 years old.

Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Carseat Features

  • The seat has 5 harness slot positions
  • 3 buckle positions or crotch strap
  • Very narrow compared to other car seats
  • Approved by FAA for use on aircraft
  • The seat will only expire after 8 years
  • Unlike most car seats made in China, this car seat is made in the USA

Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Carseat Specs / Measurements

  • Harness slot heights include:5.5”, 7.5”, 9.5”, 11.5”, 13.5”
  • External width: 17 ¼ ”
  • The Shell height : 24”
  • Crotch strap depth includes: 2.5”, 4”, 5.5”
  • The depth of the Seat: 11”
  • The weight of the Seat: 7 lbs.

Installing Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car seat

Installing Cosco Scenera NEXT convertible car seat is the easiest thing I have ever come across in any car seat. The seat is such a wonderfully designed car seat that can be fitted into your vehicle easily and un-installed easily as well. There are several options for you to install this seat either by using the Latch or the seat belt, etc. Either of the two is damn easy except that you can’t use both simultaneously.

Again, if you’re conversant with using car seats you will notice that this aspect I am about to mention isn’t common in most seats and that, is the rubber plugs added to the Cosco Scenera NEXT convertible car seat which ensures secure and tight installation do the seat doesn’t slide easily. You don’t want your child to slip off when driving.

Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car seat Forward-Facing

When your little child is still very young, it is expected (based on the manual) that he may be sloppy on the seat but as he gets older he becomes upright. So make sure that your seat is properly installed by reclining to the correct angle in accordance with what is indicated on the line on the side of the seat between the rear-facing and forward-facing belt paths.

Installation Using The Center LATCH With Non-Standard Spacing

Another method of installation you use is by using the LATCH installation in the center seating position. Although Cosco allows this I would also recommend that you first check with your vehicle manufacturer to see if such is allowed. Again, you will want to obey the recommended LATCH anchor bars spacing number which is at least 11” apart.

Installation Using The Inflatable Seat Belts

While you may want to try this method of installation, it’s very important that you know what vehicles allow that. This is so because Cosco has categorically determined that some vehicles’ brands like Mercedes, Ford, and Lincoln as well as some airplanes have seat belts that are not compatible with Scenera NEXT car seat for installing on them.

Suitability For A Child

The Scenera NEXT offers a perfectly designed seat in terms of fit to the child. The seat is suitable for any child weighing from 5-40 lbs. and the same thing also goes for the lower end. While the short crotch strap is perfect for a child at birth, it is extremely short for older babies. But you can always get longer crotch strap from Cosco free anytime. All you need to do is to either reach them via an email or through a phone call.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

One of the pivotal factors to consider when choosing a car seat is how easy is the car seat to use and maintain. Some car seats are difficult to wash and the cover or the harness is not allowed to be removed for cleaning for safety reasons. You don’t want to buy such seats, I guess.

The Scenera NEXT cover is unlike most car seats relatively easy to maintain and the cover can be removed easily. As for the harness, it can be cleaned by wiping it with a larger washcloth and then remove the soap with a wet washcloth. You can also machine-wash the seat and dry it in the dryer.


  • The harness is very easy to use
  • It is one of the most inexpensive car seats that can be used as either for rear-facing or front-facing seat.
  • Comes with 3 crotch strap positions and 5 harness slot positions.
  • The seat can last for 8 years before expiring.
  • The compact shell seems to be great when used with smaller vehicles.
  • It is very easy to install with LATCH or seat belt.
  • It is one of the quality car seats made in the USA.
  • There is FAA approval for use on an airplane Very lightweight seat with just 7 Ibs.


  • It has no headrest or enough padding.
  • The seat or the top harness slots are shorter and as such can easily be outgrown by your child.


The Cosco Scenera Next is actually one of the most inexpensive car seats with ease of use and maintenance. But it might not be the best pick for you if you’re considering some key factors like comfort and rear-facing age and weight limits. The seat doesn’t have enough padding or energy-absorbing foam that can make comfortable for a child. But this doesn’t mean it is not safe for your child as it is still manufactured in line with the federal crash safety requirements. It has the FAA approval for use on an airplane and it is one of the most lightweight car seats out there in the market.

In my opinion, I think it is an amazing car seat for a parent under a budget and it is also the best pick for a parent in need of a secondary car seat.


Now, you have known the good and bad sides about Cosco Next, would you want to buy one for your child? To place your order follow the link here now Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat (Black)

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