Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat Review: Best Car Seat For Your Babies

Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat Review

Finding the best convertible car seat for one’s child can be an extremely challenging and tough experience considering the different types out there in the market. Thankfully, there are always options for you to have if you’re looking for the easiest convertible car seat to install and adjust to fit your child as he grows from infant to preschooler. The NextFit Convertible Car Seat is here to deliver all of that fast and easy!

Why Buy a Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat?

Simple! Here are my reasons for wanting to recommend NextFit to all my friends and family members including (you) my readers.

Innovative Force-Multiplying SuperCinch

NextFit did a great job that caught my attention easily the first time I was looking for a car seat for my baby. That thing I am talking about is the Exclusive Super Cinch LATCH Tightener feature added to this great product by Chicco which uses force-multiplying technology that makes it seamless for you to achieve a tight and secure fit with a fraction of the effort! That alone made me a lifetime lover of this product.

What is SuperCinch? I guess you care to know, right? It is a force multiplying system that makes installing NextFit damn easy for anyone, even a person with no experience or knowledge whatsoever about convertible car seats can just start with the installation and get done within less than 1 minute using LATCH. The funniest thing is, even my great grandparent can do it properly! Without me or my husband give a hand or supervising. Truthfully speaking, it’s the easiest thing anyone can ever try to do.

Easy To Use Seat

Another awesome thing I see in NexFit which, of course, catches my interest is the perfectly designed and engineered seat that is damn easy for every parent to use flawlessly without any tendency for you to misuse even if you’re trying to do.

Chicco NextFit Features

  • ReclineSure 9-position leveling system which allows you to choose between using any position whether rear-facing or front-facing to achieve an excellent fit in a wider range of vehicles
  • Bubble level indicators with Dual RideRight
  • Innovative SuperCinch LATCH tightener ensuring a secure and tight seat installation.
  • Adjustable headrest with 6-position
  • Broader Harness strap position including headrest adjustment to suit your child from infant to babyhood
  • One-pull tightener plus 5-point harness  
  • 2-position chest clip to accommodate your growing children
  • Removable Infant insert
  • Integrated LATCH strap slide path enabling switching from rear-facing to forward facing
  • Built-in lock-offs helpful for vehicle belt installation
  • Integrated LATCH for storing purposes
  • Excellent cup holder including pocket with thermal-insulated

Chicco NextFit Specs:

  • Rear-Facing: for a child from 5-40 lbs
  • Forward-Facing: for a child from 22-65 lbs; 49″ or less; but not less than 1 year old.
  • Aircraft use approval by the FAA
  • Seats expires only after 8 years

Installing Your Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat

There are quite a number of options available for you to install your NextFit convertible car seat, however, in this article, I only discussed one because is an entirely complex topic on its own. If you would like to read more about Car seat installation, you can check our article titled Proper Baby Car Seat Installation (10 Avoid common mistakes)  here to learn more.

Installing NextFit Convertible Car Seat with LATCH

In compliance with the changes in federal standards, there are now different weight limits for NextFit but this update considers your choice as to whether the seat is rear-facing or forward-facing.

Installing In a Rear-facing Seat: If your seat is rear-facing and you want to install, it’s advisable to do so with the lower LATCH anchors until your child reaches 35 lbs. But as soon as your child’s weight outgrows 35 or below 40 lbs., then you can install your NextFit (which is rear-facing) with seatbelt using the lock-off.

Installing In a Forward-facing Seat: For a child weighing below 40 Ibs., installation of the seat should be done using the lower anchors and tether LATCH system in your vehicle until when the child reaches  40 lbs. But as for a child weighing between 40-65 lbs., you should install with the seatbelt using the lockoff. The only care you need to also exercise here is when you’re using tether; you must ensure that you at no time ever compromise using the top tether strap where you have a tether anchor for that seating position.

Additionally, in NextFit convertible car seat the use of center LATCH installations with “Non-Standard Spacing” is totally disallowed so the only option available to you is use the LATCH installations with SuperCinch where installation is in a dedicated LATCH seating position with standardized spacing ( of 280 mm preferably).

What Buyers Are Saying About the Chicco NexFit Convertible Car Seat

As at the time of writing this article, there were 94 customer reviews on with 55% positive rating by verified purchases. This isn’t in anyway a coincidence but a clear indication that the product is worth the investment. You can check Amazon .com for more customer reviews here are the few ones for your attention.

All reviews are from most current verified purchases and are culled as directly posted by the buyers without tampering in the slightest way with the original sentences of the buyers.

Verified Purchase Review 1:

Review posted by Tricia Rakowskion on June 19, 2017

“I bought 3 of these car seats over the years for my sons and never regret it. They’re the best, in my opinion. I purchased a graco size for me car seat as an additional because I didn’t want to spend all the money on this one and instantly regretted it. I wound up just buying two more of these instead anyway. They are so easy to install and uninstall and they seem really comfortable and safe. They’re on the larger side but it’s never been an issue for me and we use them in a Malibu, Dodge Journey and Honda Odyssey with no problems”.

Verified Purchase Review 2:

Review posted by Adamon on June 2, 2017

“Perfect for taller (longer) babies. My daughter outgrew her first car seat, so we had to look for another one. This seat worked out great!”

Verified Purchase Review 3:

Review posted by Lyster Mon on May 15, 2017

“Very easy to install and adjust”.

While there were relatively high ratings by most verified purchases posted on Amazon marketplace (all with 5-stars), it is worth mentioning that there was one buyer who encountered a little difficulty with the product though not significantly a serious issue that can discourage one from buying.

Below is a typical review showing dissatisfaction with the product. This is what he had to say:

Verified Purchase Review 1

Review posted By Amazon Customer on May 24, 2017

“It’s a car seat… It does what it is designed to do – unfortunatley, it has not been “tested” in an emergency. I do find it difficult to get into my Subaru Outback despite the standard attachments and it’s a fairly heavy item for a mother to carry and manipulate”.

Chicco NextFit Pros:

  • Easy to machine washed because of the infant insert feature included.
  • Adjustable and extended rear-facing seat that can suit kids weighing under 40 lbs.
  • SuperCinch system enabling damn easy installation with LATCH
  • Perfectly designed seat that can accommodate children of different ages from infant to preschooler
  • Easy to transition to a booster from around 5-7 years old
  • Easy to buckle and unbuckle
  • Easy to convert to rear-facing without occupying much space thereby allowing parents with small cars to worry not about not having much space left after installing the seat.
  • Lower LATCH connectors can be switched easily either from forward-facing beltpath or rear-facing beltpath or in the other way round
  • Inclusion of RF & FF lock-offs in case of seatbelt installations
  • Adjustable harness height with 6 position no-rethread harness. This enable you to adjust the harness height for your child when he has a growth spurt
  • Inclusion of 2-position chest clip making harness strap positioning on small babies and big kids alike quite easy and excellent
  • Harness height setting function for your growing child
  • Harness straps that is easy tighten and loosen
  • Thick harness straps that can’t not easily be twisted
  • Extra padding plus premium fabrics which guarantees you child’s comfort
  • Made of smooth bottom base that will prevent your vehicle upholstery from easily damaged
  • Zip models have cover that is very easy to remove
  • 9 recline positions practically guarantee a perfect recline angle in almost any vehicle without needing noodles

Chicco NextFit Cons: 

As far as I’m concerned and in all fairness, I found nothing to include here that should pose any problem to you if you should buy the product. In view of this, here is the only downside about the product that I think you may find in it.

  • Heavy for a mother to carry

Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat Review: My Final Verdict

Going by the features, pros, and cons of the Chicco Nextfit, I believe you can now see why NextFit features on the list of “My Top 5 Best Convertible Car Seats For The Year 2017”. Although there is no such thing as having a totally perfect product, but NextFit seems to be one of such convertible car seats out there that is perfectly designed and therefore, the best pick for all parents. Agreeably, it is heavy but there is nothing else to prove that this product lack anything either in terms of quality, ease of installation, excellent design, etc. The SuperCinch system and extra padding is a big plus for any caring parent to want to buy one for their kids!

You can even order one today through (with free shipping) and there is always the opportunity for you to try it and use and if for any reason you find it unsatisfactory you have your free returns – no story told. Isn’t that enough for you to give it a try? Well, that’s for you to decide.

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