Britax ClickTight Car Seat Review

Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat Review

2017 Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat Review: A Must-Have For All Parents

With Britax adding Marathon ClickTight to the lines of its convertible car seats already In the market, the need for 2017 update is highly inevitable for every website or blog owners especially those promoting the product. Retracting the step a bit we can count from the Britax’s lines of car seats such as the Advocate, Boulevard, and Marathon.

Too many parents waiting with much curiosity for the Britax 2017 Marathon ClighTight, it’s now finally arrived and I’m very sure what will be on the mind of such people is what is the big deal or developments added to this new product. Well, I must tell you that nothing spectacular has changed with the Marathon ClickTight. As with the previous edition of ClickTight, it still remains the same 40-pound convertible mark plus extra headroom to accommodate virtually all kids rear-facing until they reach the weight limit.

2017 Britax Marathon ClickTight – Is There Really Any Significant Change?

Looking deeply at 2017 Marathon ClickTight I was curious to find out what is the big deal about it. And, here is what I found out: The Britax Marathon ClickTight seems to me like a combination of the ClickTight technology used in Advocate ClickTight and some of the features of the Britax Marathon G4, plus some great deal of safety measures and height limits added. Guess you’re little bit lost at all the grammar? Well, in few words, what I mean by all this is that this new car seat was designed in such a way that you can set it up in a double way either a rear-facing seat for infants or forward-facing for older children.

In fact, one can say that the Marathon ClickTight is a double combo of the Boulevard ClickTight and the Advocate ClickTight, thereby serving a dual purpose of being the newest car seats in general and convertibles in particular from Britax. The company really did a great job in this aspect by meeting up with its goal of ensuring that installing the car seat safely and securely yet in a variety of circumstances is as easy as blowing the breeze for all parents.

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  • SafeCell Impact Protection, an integrated system of safety components exclusively available with Britax car seats which ensure slow and reduce forward movement during a crash.
  • Superior Protection that comes with the deep energy-absorbing shell protect your child from side impacts.
  • Safe and Easy Installation system that ensures safe and accurate Installation with just one click.
  • 12-position harness that can be adjusted as you child grows to give him maximum fit and comfort.

Understanding The Britax Marathon ClickTight Weight and Height Limits Recommendation

Installing In a Rear-facing Seat: There is a difference here from the previous Britax seats in which the outer shell is used as against this new Britax Convertible Car Seat in which the inner shell is used and the weight limit for a child for using the rear-facing seat is between 5-40 pounds. The rule is that the child’s head shouldn’t get past 1’’ below the inner shell’s top. That is the 1″ rule that you must watch out for in your child’s head.


The good thing about the new seat is that there is essentially up to 27″ of maximum seated height, which is quite a lot impressive for rear-facing in the industry, and far better when compared to other seats like the NextFit, 4Ever, Fllo, and the rest.

Installing In A Forward-Facing Seat: As for the forward-facing seat, the recommendation is between 20-65 pounds with a 54″ height limit. While the top harness height limit is 17.7″, the lowest you can have is 8.35″, but, in any case, the height can be adjusted in .85″ increments.

Stretching the Marathon ClickTight shoulder height you can still reach up to 16.95″ but it’s important to remember that your child’s ear tips should be beneath the shell’s top end while rear-facing. Although Britax’s recommendation regarding rear-facing is that your child should reach at least two years old but going by a lot of researchers out there, I would say rear-facing until four or beyond isn’t a bad idea provided the seat and your child can still allow that. After allowing your child to rear-facing for some long time you should also encourage him to do the same for equally a period of time possible, and then switch to a booster seat.

Britax Marathon ClickTight Specs

  • 5″ wide, 23.5″ tall, and 23″ deep.
  • Weighs 28.5 pounds. By this, the Britax Marathon ClickTight is heavier than all the previous edition of the Britax marathon but extremely light compared to the Advocate ClickTight.

Installing The Britax Marathon ClickTight

The basic goal of Britax as expressed by their engineers and designers is ensuring total that the ClickTight technology meets the high-quality feature of ease of use and installation, and it’s worth mentioning that they really did a great job here to have prioritized this goal and I must say if the goal is adequately worked towards and achieved as promised, then  Britax would be contributing enormously towards the effort at reducing child mortality rate and making our children safe when travelling in their convertible car seat.

Indeed, the process to follow to install Britax Marathon ClickTight is quite easy and direct. It should even be easy to anyone regardless of experience or limited to install the seat in a variety of circumstances.


The process is broken into four simple steps as follows:

  1. Open the ClickTight release
  2. Using the lower rear-facing slot, route the seat belt of the vehicle
  3. Get the seat belt properly attached
  4. And, lastly push the ClickTight system into its closed position and you’re good to do.

What a simple process, I guess you exclaimed? Indeed, it is as simple as that! No more no less when it comes to installing this convertible car seat.  As I’ve said in my Chicco NexFit Convertible Car Seat Review I didn’t just arrive at my list of Best Convertible Car Seats but I did much to find out what are those likely features that every parent and child will love which I found in all my top 5 best convertible car seats.  For this reason, it worth it that all caring and loving parents should seriously consider the Britax Marathon ClickTight as you don’t need any more experience and college certificate than you would for a seat belt install, plus again, it’s probably the easier way to install convertible car seats compared to a LATCH install.

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Why Buy the Britax Marathon ClickTight?

If asked this question many people may want to say regarding harness, blah blah and so on. But I think my review wouldn’t be complete without really telling you why I am recommending this car seat for you. So, I’m going to go deep into that so you can justify your buying impulse for this product as not being just an impulse but an informed decision.

The first reason is …

Rear-Facing Until 40 pounds

This is my first reason for choosing Britax Marathon ClickTight convertible car seat because with this broader height and weight limit, it means enough space for your child. And, most importantly, it means more years for rear-facing which, particularly, is good for your children chance of survival in a serious car crash if at all you run into any such.

Easy, Secure and Correct Installation

Another reason why I like Britax Marathon ClickTight car seat is the fact that it can be installed easily and securely (whether rear-facing or forward facing) without any experience.  For this reason, alone I always fall in love with ClickTight system. Perhaps, you haven’t heard that most convertible car seats in the US are not securely and correctly installed. Isn’t this worth celebrating finding this awesome seat easy to install among its other rivals out there? I think it is.


Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for a damn easy to use and install car seat I think Britax Marathon Clicktight convertible car seat may be your best pick. While I may agree with you that unlike the Advocate ClickTight the Marathon ClickTight doesn’t have relatively enough room to accommodate a child as he grows due to shorter height limits, it’s also the best choice when it comes to the price.

As a parent who understands what child safety and comfort means while traveling in a car and who has the best knowledge as to what features to look for in a convertible car seat, I think you would be doing yourself and your kids a great favor by getting your Britax Marathon ClickTight today. You can order now via and I promise you’ll be happy you did.

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